Sunday, April 27, 2014

Simple Advice

The strong often tell us to keep the faith when things do not go our way. It is their strength of character that brings forth the promise that dark clouds will eventually part to reveal a clear sky. The optimist in all of us ought to steadfastly hold on to this positive attitude. Sometimes however, we fall by the wayside when uncertainty continues to brew with no resolution in sight.
The roller coaster that is life can certainly bring with it times of emotional upheaval. And when situations are such that they are beyond our control, it takes an even greater effort to remain positive. Sure, we may allow ourselves to wallow in self pity for a bit. Then, we pick ourselves up, take small steps and move forward as faith slowly returns as an ally we count on.
To maintain a happy disposition and take one day at a time. A friend said this to me today. It could not have come at a more opportune time. When one's mind is clouded and in need of some clarity, a simple piece of advice from a kindred spirit acts not only as a pick-me-up, but also as a means to lift one's sentiment with the hope of better things to come.
A Glenelg morning in Adelaide, South Australia.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Boarding House Mates

Mates at the boarding house in Immanuel College decades ago, we made it a point to get together for a meal to catch up when I was in Adelaide last week. Although it is typical for us to remark 'you have not changed', and I am by far the most guilty of doing so, we certainly have. In a good way.
We have grown wiser. Our conversations are more meaningful, not necessarily serious, reflective somewhat, more impactful. We have moved with the times. Our dressing is on trend, capturing the essence of the times we live in. We have matured not only in thought but in appearance. I'd like to think like fine wine, we are getting better with age.
What hasn't changed however, is the bond that we share as schoolmates, living together as boarding students, away from our homes. Friendships that have been cultivated many years ago, and maintained by virtue of the wonders of modern technology. Here's to many more years of friendship.
Ken Lin, Mike, Tom and I having dinner in Glenelg in Adelaide, Australia.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Reunion Trip To Adelaide

More than two decades of friendship requires effort from all parties involved, in particular when such a friendship revolves around a group of four. And when such a relationship survives the test of time, it ought to be celebrated. So, to Adelaide we returned.
Buddies at university, called a clique even by some, we made plans to return to the city that brought us all together. A week flies by too quickly, considering planning for the trip had been in the works for a year or so. Nevertheless, we had a great time. Reminiscing, creating new memories, strengthening our ties, nurturing the bonds that have kept our friendship intact all these years.
Ken Lin, Yean Mun and Elsie, thank you for making the travel plans, even without much input from me. Most of all, thank you for the long-lasting friendship that will undoubtedly be one to remember.
With Ken Lin, Elsie and Yean Mun at the bridge on campus at The Flinders University Of South Australia.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Company Trip 2014

We've just returned from our company trip, well a combined trip for teams weddings-malaysia and That Special Occasion. To Ho Chi Minh City we went, and as always, had a good time, albeit with a little stress thrown in for good measure.

Travelling in a group is seldom a piece of cake, but over the years, we've learnt to compromise and regardless of whatever stressful situations that may arise, we tend to end up having an enjoyable experience. So for four days and three nights, we ate, we shopped, we saw the sights, but most importantly we communed.
Till the next trip, here's to working hard and meeting those targets we've set ourselves to achieve this year.
Photo shot at KL International Airport, prior to leaving for Ho Chi Minh City.