Sunday, September 27, 2015

Friendship Rekindled

Tom, a friend from my days at boarding school at Immanuel College in Adelaide, was in town with his family recently for a holiday. I believe the last time he visited was more than two decades ago. Time flies.
Having kept in touch on Facebook and having caught up last year when I headed back to Adelaide, a continuous effort to keep the friendship intact despite the distance has enabled us to keep abreast of developments in our lives from time to time. And the opportunity of a get together as such always acts as a catalyst for rekindling friendships.
As in most things in life, effort results in returns. The apathetic will see relationships fade. In fact, they often fall off the invite list to such gatherings, not by intention of the organisers, but by lack of top-of-mind recall. Essentially, those who make the effort will reap the rewards of long-lasting friendships.
Dinner with the Browns in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Keeping The Faith

'A meaningful and heartfelt party that celebrates a milestone reaffirms one's faith that the best is indeed yet to come. Grateful to have been on the guest list'.
That was my post on Facebook yesterday. Sometimes we, or rather I, need a reminder that there are better days to look forward to. Although we are oftentimes advised to be content with all the good that we already have in our lives, there are certainly areas that can be improved upon.
This year has been a contemplative one, and whilst thinking things through can be a good thing, overthinking can put a damper on one's outlook. So, I shall continue to embrace the optimist in me, reaffirm my commitment to keeping an open mind, and always be willing to take a leap of faith.
Sunrise on Cua Dai Beach at Palm Garden Beach Resort & Spa in Hoi An, Vietnam.