Monday, March 26, 2012

The Past

A friend remarked after watching The Vow that how nice would it be to be able to lose all memory of the unpleasant moments in life. Perhaps it was in reaction to the emotional scenes towards the end of the movie. Nevertheless, our past, whether good or bad, make us who we are today.

We all have our fair share of ups and downs. I enjoy, appreciate and am grateful for the highs. I try to learn from the lows and accept them as part and parcel of the rollercoaster of living a full life. Sometimes the bad are fated, at other times they are a consequence of the decisions we take. The same can be said of the good. Whichever the situation may be at one point or another, these experiences shape and mould our lives. They teach us to love, to be compassionate, to be patient, to grieve, to be grateful, to be remorseful, to take chances, to accept the resultant outcomes of our choices, to put our best foot forward. They teach us to live.

I for one do not dwell on the past. I appreciate it, I learn from it. But I always look toward the future and the promise it holds.

Poster of The Vow.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Whenever I meet any of my wedding industry colleagues after having not seen them for a while, they will inevitably either comment that I've been on quite a number of holidays lately or would ask where my next holiday destination would be. Facebook does spread news far and wide.

Some are happy for me whilst others may be a bit envious, the latter in a good way, not of the malicious kind. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to travel. I am grateful that I am of the means, that I can find some time from my hectic worklife, that I can rely on my team to back me up while I am away. To the uninitiated, I do work a little when on holiday and do not shut off completely. It is in my nature. In fact, I allocate two hours a day to attending to and answering emails. In that way, I will not be deluged when work resumes after a nice, relaxing break.

I have friends and colleagues who like to compare travel habits. Unless they are in the same position as I am in, such comparisons serve no purpose. You see, I run my own businesses which means I can take off whenever I want. I plot my holidays six months ahead and do not take appointments or jobs that clash with my holiday dates. I have no need to save for children's education. Whatever family commitments I have, be it immediate or extended, have been planned for at the onset of every year, in that I block dates where my attendance at family functions are obligatory, and this I do so gladly as family ties are of utmost importance. Suffice to say, I plan way ahead when it comes to trips. And the spontaneous ones that crop up from time to time are the icing on the cake. As for upcoming destinations? Well, you'll just have to keep up with me on Facebook, wouldn't you? And do plan a little holiday of your own too, you certainly deserve some rest and recreation as much as I do! Cheers!

A beach destination is upcoming.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Giving It A Go

I seldom do things half-heartedly. Be it taking on a new project at work, friendships, a relationship, food, travel, learning a new skill, I give it a good go once I have committed to a cause. I subscribe to 'doing it well or not doing it at all'.

Because I set myself such lofty standards, I either succeed well or fail miserably. Both outcomes I have experienced on numerous occasions, the bittersweet experiences life has to offer. Despite my occasional rants, I do try to put my best foot forward in every endeavour. Doing so negates the likelihood of regret for not having tried hard enough.

At most times, having a good go means having to take a step out of one's comfort zone. For me, it means trying to be more patient, to be more understanding, to be more perceptive. I am one who likes fast results, quick resolutions, and sometimes it is wise to rein in these inherent attributes of mine. Having said that, I don't believe in sacrificing my beliefs and aspirations. I just believe in trying to strike a balance, so that the outcome is favourable to all, however challenging that may be. After all, who ever said good things come easy. So, step forward I shall, holding steadfastly to faith and a positive mindset.

Display of wedding photos by SA Wedding Studio, shot at Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort, Malaysia.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I was having a chat with a good friend and the topic of insecurities came about. Like everyone else, I have my fair share of insecurities. Some are warranted, others not so. Still, they are something that I need to work on.

The warranted ones keep me grounded. I remind myself to think things through and not make any rash decisions or take any hasty actions. The unwarranted ones are the ones that cause much nuisance. They irritate the hell out of me. These are the ones I need to keep a lid on.

When I feel insecure, I turn to my close friends. They know me best and they know how to help me put things in perspective. And if I make the further mistake of not heeding their advice, then more likely than not, I'll get a slap. A well deserved one no doubt.

Jogseya Temple in Seoul, Korea.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I was having a truly busy day, back to back appointments at That Special Occasion, reviewing layouts for Journeys For Two 2012, discussing write-ups for The Hiplist 2012. Add to that scouring for fabrics on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and a hectic day it certainly was.

Fortunately, I am one who knows how to steal a bit of time to recoup. You see, we were to be having a birthday cum farewell dinner later in the evening for one of my part-time team members, Kar Yik, who is relocating to Hong Kong for work. Another colleague of mine had ordered a cake and had entrusted me to pick it up on the way back to the office from fabric shopping. So to Bisou at Bangsar Village I headed. And whilst there, I thought it would be nice to order a heartwarming, hot soya, enjoy a cupcake, and take a half hour breather.

That's one of the priveleges I enjoy being my own boss. Take time out when my schedule permits, the little pleasures in my sometimes rather stressful work life. Sure, I often complain but when I have some peace and quiet to reflect, I wouldn't have it any other way. I like being my own boss. At the end of the day, I think the pros always outweigh the cons.

Indulging in a cupcake at Bisou, Bangsar Village, Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Makan In Kuantan

Do as the locals do when in Kuantan. Our friends at Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort recommended Tanjung Lumpur for seafood and so we went after our wedding fair workday ended yesterday.

I think the photo says it all. Keropok Lekor and two servings of Kerabu Mango for starters. Three servings Ikan Bakar, two Steamed Fish, one Deep Fried Sotong, one Stir-fried Lala, two Telur Dada, two Belacan Kangkung and four servings of Nasi Goreng for mains, all washed down with Apple Juice, Carrot Juice and Barley. ANA Ikan Bakar Petai at Tanjung Lumpur was indeed a good choice. Excellent atmosphere, good food at very reasonable prices.

To round off the evening, we armed ourselves with Magnum Classic, Magnum Almond and Magnum Cappucino (as insisted by the Magnum Almond gals ... this in itself warrants another blogpost), and headed back to the beach at Hyatt Kuantan for a stroll. Standing by the water's edge on the beach, waves lapping at my feet, breathing in the sea breeze, a moonlit sky, surely one of life's little pleasures.

After our fulfilling meal at ANA Ikan Bakar Petai at Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan, Malaysia.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Work And Leisure

Work and leisure all rolled into one. This is why I enjoy partici-pating in wedding fairs out of Kuala Lumpur. Sure we are here to work. Here means Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort, and work means a wedding fair over the weekend.

I never let any distractions get in the way of a work weekend but I also take the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings. A stroll on the beach, a quick swim in the pool, a meal as the locals do. The experience is enhanced when I get to share it with friends from the industry who are here for the same reason as I am.

It is also refreshing to meet couples from another part of the country. To listen to their visions of the perfect wedding, to share our ideas, perhaps even be recruited to be part of their wedding team. Events as such keep us fresh and motivated. Being away from bustling Kuala Lumpur, by the sea with a gentle breeze, also soothes the soul and alleviates the stressful mind.

Photo courtesy of Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort, Malaysia.