Sunday, November 27, 2011

weddingsmalaysia 2012

Message from the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of weddings-malaysia 2012 which has just recently hit leading bookstores and newsstands nationwide.

The past year has seen numerous weddings take place and we expect the same for 2012. To those recently engaged, we look forward to being your constant companion as you start putting in place plans for your wedding day.

The ideas featured in this wedding planner through imaginative photography, act as catalysts and our artistically-inclined wedding partners will be on hand to offer you advice and expertise in their respective specialisations. It is the personal service and interaction that will make the planning process a smoother one.

Complementing this publication is our portal Here is where you will find wedding tools to help you along, highlighting areas where attention is required and ensuring that you stick to budget. Our monthly feature stories will also provide you with new ideas whilst each vendor is only a click away via our directory listings.

Here’s wishing you an exciting journey towards tying the nuptial knot.

Explore, enjoy and be inspired …

Kris Wong

Cover of weddingsmalaysia 2012.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shirlyn & Albert : Melaka

I was in Melaka over the weekend to attend Shirlyn and Albert's wedding ceremony and dinner reception. The bride, a friend of mine in the wedding industry, a wedding planner by profession, had put in a lot of thought into the preparations and things went well. The weather held up, the entourage from both the bride's and groom's camps were sporting in spirit, the attention to detail was evident. I had a good time.

Sometimes when an industry practitioner ties-the-knot, he or she may find it difficult to relinquish the role of wedding professional on the big day. Some of us jokingly reminded Shirlyn that she was the bride and not a wedding planner on this special day of hers. Let your team execute your plans we told her. That she did, well almost! Her exclamation 'Where is the technician?' was classic and drew laughs from many of us.

Being in the bride's entourage and having been privy to the challenges planned for the groom when he came to get his bride, I would admit to giving a few tips to Albert on the side, just one or two, and it was hilarious seeing how all of us joined in the merriment of the occasion. So congratulations again Shirlyn and Albert. Wishing you both every happiness. And by the way, I had way too much candy at the candy bar during the banquet!

Shirlyn and Albert at A Famosa Resort in Melaka, Malaysia.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I try my best to pay attention to my health. As my family has a history of non-commu-nicable illness such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure, I make it a point to lead as healthy a lifestyle as I can. I swim at least thrice a week, gym a bit too.

I have my vices though. I love eating out, be it at nice restaurants, mamak stalls or fast food chains. And I don't restrict myself to what I eat. I recognise that in many instances, what tastes the best may not necessarily be the most healthy. Now that my cholesterol level is borderline, I am attempting to cut back on some of my indulgences, especially the oily, fried stuff. I also used to love Coke which I have refrained from for a number of years. I still love my teh tarik, original, nothing doing with kurang manis!

I do twice-yearly check-ups. A complete, major one in April and a less rigorous one six months, more or less, thereafter. I haven't been feeling hundred per cent of late. Not one to shy away from medical consultations, I've been paying visits to my family GP to see what's been brewing. Hopefully, it's nothing too serious and I am religiously taking the medication I've been prescribed. Despite being in slight discomfort, I still made my way to Melaka over the weekend for Shirlyn's and Albert's wedding ceremony and reception. Although I wish I could have indulged more food-wise, I nevertheless had a fab time.

Photo shot at Double Six Beach in Bali, Indonesia.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shirlyn & Albert : Penang

I was fortunate to be invited to Shirlyn's and Albert's wedding reception in Penang two weekends ago. Held at Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine, it was a cosy and intimate celebration.

Stylish setting, stylish cuisine and a stylish couple. I think I was a stylish guest too, haha! It was indeed a memorable celebration. Memorable because of the unique venue. Memorable because of the creative menu selected by the couple. Memorable because I was amongst good friends.

I made an impromptu speech. So did Debra and Tjun Hong. Leticia made a teary one. We sang a song off-the-cuff. We toasted Shirlyn and Albert. I think the bride got her wish of a celebration filled with much warmth. Coming up this weekend? The Melaka celebration! I'll be there too!!

Photo shot at Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine in Penang, Malaysia.

Monday, November 14, 2011


For the past couple of years, much has been said on various issues in the country, with many arguing for and against a variety of thoughts. From electoral reform to how some states are being administered, from the national budget to meritocracy, from the right to protest peacefully to non-discriminatory practices in relation to gender and sexuality, from the perceived influence of Western culture in our society to the state of our unity as a people, and a whole lot more.

At the core of all these sentiments is the inherent issue of human rights and equality. Everyone wants to be heard. We have a voice and we take a stance on each particular issue. And as such, we want our opinions to matter. We want a level playing field. Fair and transparent administrations. We want to move forward, not back. We prefer to be open-minded rather than take a narrow view. We want all our countrymen and women to be treated as one.

There are many boxes to tick. Optimistic is what we should be.

Our common love of food is evident.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pit Stop

On the way up to Penang last weekend, we made a pit stop in Ipoh for brunch. A laid-back itinerary is always a boon as it allows us to take a detour, a detour with the aim of sampling as much a variety of food as possible.

The trip to Penang, whilst primarily to attend Shirlyn's and Albert's reception up North, was also very much a food trip. Here's a photo of Tjun Hong and I enjoying Tau Foo Fah. I forget the name of the stall but apparently it is rather famous in Ipoh. Notice how we also took away bottles of Soya Bean Milk, for me a much better option compared to bottled water.

Good food and drink shared amongst good friends. Certainly an important part of any journey.

Photo shot by Leticia in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Click When Travel

I went on a trip over the long weekend with my friends Leticia, Tjun Hong and Debra, a trip to attend our friend Shirlyn's wedding. One thing I have learnt from my travels is that when traveling with a group, it is important that you click with your travel companions.

The four of us have traveled together on a number of occasions and we know our respective habits and idiosyncrasies sufficiently well in order not to piss each other off. We always enjoy good food and the great company. We share similar interests and are always in the lookout for a good massage. We are comfortable enough to banter without hesitation, on almost any topic.

Such trips are relaxing and stress-busting. Leticia plans the itinerary, detailed to a 'T', and the rest of us just tag along. What's there not to enjoy?

Photo of the four of us having dinner at Lone Pine Hotel in Penang, Malaysia.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


You know a trend is taking shape when one gets frequent requests for wedding attire in black. It takes a confident and fashion forward Asian bride to consider this option.

Of late, we have been getting such requests at That Special Occasion. Here is a photo of my client Ee Leng, who recently donned this creation for her pre-wedding shoot in Australia as well as during the wedding banquet here in Kuala Lumpur. Made of organza and duchesse satin, this pleated and ruffled gown certainly made a statement.

The good thing about made-to-measure? We get to collaborate with the bride to come up with a gown that truly reflects her tastes and stylistic leanings.

Photo courtesy of Jenny Sun Photography.