Saturday, March 29, 2014

Taking Chances

'In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take'.
I think this sums up much of what I've been going through for the past few months. Although I am very much a practical person, I've found myself taking decisions that I would not normally take, embracing calculated risks that I would normally avoid. This adage therefore, certainly strikes a chord.
What I've come to realise is that when taking such chances, it is best to let situations unfold naturally. Whatever the outcome, whether in my favour or otherwise, needs to be accepted graciously. Be eager for success, yet be ready for failure. When one's mindset is prepared in such a manner, one appreciates the positive outcomes more, and is able to face the disappointments better. And as always, fingers crossed for the best.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Yei-Yei's 6th Anniversary

The 'Wong' side of my family very recently got together to have dinner, in honour of my paternal grand-father, on the 6th anniversary of his passing.
We make it a point to do this annually, as we remember Ah Yei and celebrate his life. The one trait that I will always remember my grandfather for is that he was a very giving person. Always putting others first before himself, it is a trait that is very hard to live up to. More than that, Ah Yei showered the entire family with unconditional love. From my childhood till the day of his passing, he played the role of grandfather to a 'T'.
As I recollect the many memories I have, I too shall try to put into practice some of the very positive traits that he embodied.
Dinner with the extended family on 17 March 2014.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Doing Our Best

Doing our best is what is most important. Whether our best is good enough or otherwise, having made the necessary effort validates our initiative to make our aspirations come to fruition. We of course always hope that our efforts result in positive outcomes but there are times when our best somehow falls short of what we hope to achieve. Having put our best foot forward, one ought to come to the realisation that perhaps it is just not meant to be.
I try not to think that we need to become resigned to the fact that our efforts were not sufficient. On the contrary, I believe that fate must have a different plan. And if so, we just need to carry on, walking the new path that is before us, still putting our best foot forward, with faith and hope as our best allies.
For those facing challenges, improvements are in store, as difficult situations can only get better in time. Sometimes when answers are not forthcoming, all we can do is keep the faith and continue on the journey that unfolds as we take a step at a time.

Incense at a temple in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Trend Of Thought

Uncertainty is definitely not something that I wish upon anyone. In fact, it puts a damper on one's life. For the most part, uncertainty isn't an issue that I face too often as I am very much a decisive person. Unfortunately there are instances where certain things are largely beyond our control and it is during these times that I feel extremely challenged and in more ways than one, rather stressed. I suppose when faced with such a situation, the only thing that one can do is let fate take its course. Indeed, time will ultimately determine the outcome that fate has in store.
I actually wrote that first paragraph a couple of days ago and had it saved as 'draft' whilst I contemplated how to continue. In light of today's disturbing news about MH370, the very idea of what fate has in store comes to the fore. I have come to realise that whilst fate has certain plans for us, we too ought to play in role in charting our own destiny. Throw caution to the wind and live each day as it could be our last. Plan for the future yes but live in the present too. And make those decisions that need to be made!  

Food for thought indeed.

Photo shot at Intercontinental Samui Baan Taling Nam, Thailand.