Friday, March 25, 2016

Family Trip 2016

Every year I take a family vacation with my Mum and sister. This year we headed to Hanoi. Although I have been to Vietnam on a number of occasions, this was my first visit to Hanoi. 

Compared to Saigon and Hoi An, I found Hanoi slightly less progressive in terms of tourism infrastructure. Nevertheless, I am not one to be discouraged when on holiday and certainly had an enjoyable time. We left the planning of the trip to my Mum. Other than booking the flights and hotel, places of interest to see and eateries to patronise were planned by Mum. In a sense by doing so, it offered an element of surprise somewhat, always a good thing while on holiday.

Family trips as such allow us to bond, but it is not without its stress-inducing moments either. Varying interests and expectations sometimes come to the fore, as differing taste buds too. However, when all is said and done, a sense of family reigns supreme and a worthwhile trip is what matters most. 

Photo shot on the Aerotrain at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Culinary Skills Passed Down

Last Sunday, the extended Wong family gathered for dinner to remember my grandfather on the 8th anniversary of his passing. In honour of his culinary skills, some of the dishes prepared were from recipes that he passed down to my aunts and Mum. 

My 'Ah Yei' was an accomplished cook. Together with my late grandmother, they would whip up a feast during each festive celebration. We try to keep up this tradition as best we can, in most instances via a pot-luck, at other times, an aunt might take on the entire responsibility of cooking for the occasion. 

As we congregate to remember my grandfather, I hope that my family continues to cherish the times spent together, and that this practice will be kept alive well into the future. 

A favourite dish of my family's.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Say It As It Is

As I grow wiser over time, it has dawned on me even more than ever, that one ought to say what is on one's mind rather than hold back and later think what if. Sure, some things are easier to hear than others, but articulating one's thoughts clearly and communicating them precisely makes one's stand and position clear. The resultant outcome and reaction are then often beyond one's control. What is certain though is that I would not have sold myself short by not taking a stand.

Contentious issues, sensitive topics and the possibility of rejection often are a hindrance, and contribute to our cautious state of mind. Throwing caution to the wind is a good thing, and having the courage to speaks one's mind is a practice that ought to be nurtured.

The flip side of all this is the fact that if one can be frank, then one also needs to be able to accept honesty and bluntness in return. Something to work towards indeed.

8th day of Chinese New Year.