Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chance Meeting

It is not often that good friends happen to be in the same place at the same time, and with that create an opportu-nity to meet and catch up over a meal. I was in Penang last weekend for a wedding, Ken Bin and Cordelia happened to be there too for work, and so we took the chance to have dinner with Penangites Ken Lin and Sally. Over the course of dinner, we sent photos to our close friends Yean Mun in KL and Elsie in Hong Kong, providing them with an avenue to be part of the gathering virtually.
As we reflect on our decades-old friendship, we have come to realise that our efforts to stay in touch throughout the years have indeed kept our friendship intact. Whether celebrating birthdays or festive occasions, going on holiday in groups or just mindless chatter on our Whatsapp group, we certainly have been part of each other's lives since our teenage years.
We have made plans for a group holiday next April, with all present, kids in tow. Though it's still quite a number of months away, the enthusiasm is very much already evident. Still, we'll be meeting for birthdays and festive occasions between now and the trip. And with each meeting, I gather the level of enthusiasm will indeed elevate in tandem.
Ken Bin, Cordelia, Sally, Ken Lin and I in Penang, Malaysia.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Stephanie & Faisaal

I had the privilege of being invited to be part of Stephanie and Faisaal's wedding in Penang over the weekend. Being on the guest list of such a milestone in a couple's lives is something I appreciate and am grateful for. Although I am in the wedding industry, I seldom attend such celebrations unless the soon-to-be-weds are relatives or friends of mine. But when I do attend, I always come away with an affirmation of love, that love in its many forms is possible for those who are open to it.
What made this wedding so special in my opinion was the friendship and camaraderie that were evident throughout the celebrations, pre and post too. The engaging speeches by my friends Han San, Kay and Kian, recollecting the past, regaling the present and prophesying the future, were thoughtful, amusing yet respectful, and more importantly moving, well-deserved tributes to a couple whose union we were there to toast.
As photos of the wedding continue to appear on my Facebook newsfeed, I find myself reflecting on the events of the past weekend with a sense of gratitude, that friendships, relationships and love are what brought us all together in celebration of one of life's most cherished milestones.
With the bride and groom at Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa in Penang, Malaysia.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hoi An Again

Repeated visits to a much loved holi-day destina-tion makes each subse-quent visit even more enjoyable. I recently made my third trip to Hoi An on the coast of Central Vietnam. A Unesco World Heritage city, it is charming and easily navigated on foot.
Familiarity is a plus when returning to a favoured holiday spot. I am a creature of habit to a certain extent and I like to head back to familiar food haunts, perhaps experience a tourist site from a different perspective. Seeing new attractions or coming across previously undiscovered gems are also something to look forward to.

Hoi An has been a wonderful experience each time I've visited. Some friends of mine who have never visited have suggested we holiday there next year. It won't take much to convince me to do so.

Riverside in Hoi An, Vietnam.