Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Journeys

There are times when rationali-sing is futile. Human nature often has us want to reason, want to justify a notion, want to correlate cause and effect. But when the seemingly inconceivable confronts us, perhaps it is best to let the currents of nature and the hand of fate guide us on our way.
For the majority, a certain level of control in our career and personal lives provide us with peace-of-mind and a sense of security. But for those who embrace life with reckless abandon, some curve balls hurled at us may not be that of a bad thing. Letting go of our need to be in control and going with the flow could be a good idea.
So here's to new adventures, new journeys and new beginnings.
View from Two Lovers' Point in Guam.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Eye Opening Experience

Eileen and Richard were back in town a couple of days ago en route from Yangon to the Maldives and we had a chance for a quick catch up over supper. Whilst we keep in touch regularly over Facebook, catching up in person is definitely much more personal.
I always enjoy listening to the both of them as they regale me with tales of life in Myanmar and the interesting circumstances they find themselves in from time to time, both in career and personal lives. I'd like to think that I am adventurous enough to visit emerging countries on holiday, although I have yet to head to Myanmar, a sore point with these two friends of mine, I find it hard to imagine having to live and adapt to the challenging environment over a long term basis. For this I have to take my hat off to the both of them. First Cambodia and now Myanmar, I wonder where next.
I guess I better make it to Yangon soon for a visit before they head off somewhere else. I am sure it will be an eye opening experience, one that will be seen through the eyes of my good friends who will be more than happy to show me round.
The three of us on a beach in Bali, Indonesia.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Whatever Will Be, Will Be

There are days when one just has to let go and say 'whatever will be, will be' or as the saying goes 'que sera sera'. Sometimes when one searches too hard for an answer, and it isn't forthcoming, it's perhaps time to just let it be.
Fortunately, I am one to always see the silver lining, so despite being pissed off or frustrated from time to time, I get over it rather quickly and move on. Truth is, there are better experiences to encounter, so forward I march.
One thing I've learnt, from the song no less, whatever will be, will be.
The sweet things in life.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Journeys For Two 2013

The Asia Pacific region offers many a possibility for destination weddings. Couples who are so inclined will find numerous options, ranging from beach side soirees to culturally-immersive experiences. The trick is to start planning early.

An early start will allow couples the necessary lead time to consider the various alternatives, work on budgets and secure the best deals possible. Dealing with venues and vendors across the miles via email will also require good organisational and planning skills.

Despite the sometimes lengthy planning process, the rewards are always worthwhile - wonderful memories of this milestone in your lives, family and friends who got to witness this special occasion and experience a destination wedding celebration, beautiful and artistic photographs as keepsakes, a romantic honeymoon to follow and much, much more.

Explore, enjoy and be inspired …

Kris Wong

Cover of Journeys For Two 2013.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Timely Reminder

I just recently found out that a business associate and friend passed away towards the end of May of a heart attack. I last spoke to her earlier in the month, so it came as a shock.
Departing at  still a youthful age makes us take notice of the fragility of life. While we go about our work and lives at a rapid pace, sometimes in stressful states, we need to remember to take time out and recuperate, to get some exercise, to chill, to enjoy time with family and friends. I guess the lesson to take from this unfortunate occurrence is to value life and those in our lives.
To my friend who has moved on prematurely, may you rest in peace.
Be young at heart! Age is just a number.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Catch Up In Bangkok

My late father was employed at the same company all his life. Starting out as an office boy after Form 5, he left as the CEO of Bangkok Bank Kuala Lumpur after 41 years of service. That I believe is the epitome of loyalty and commitment. Through-out the years, we met many of his Thai colleagues who were posted to Kuala Lumpur. Of the many, we've only kept in touch with Khun Chatjai who was here during the last few years of dad's tenure at the bank. Now retired and back in Bangkok, we try to catch up whenever we are on holiday there.
I last had lunch with Khun Chatjai 2 years ago, with my sister to be exact, when we were in Bangkok celebrating my cousin Siew Yoong's birthday. This time round, a couple of weeks back actually, Mum and I met up with Khun Chatjai and his wife, Auntie Polly, over afternoon tea. Mum hadn't seen them in many years and it was a somewhat emotional yet happy meeting.
Keeping in contact with my dad's friends is a way of remembering him. We reminisce about our time spent together but most importantly catch up on the latest and what the future may hold. Such meetings, though short, remind us of the value of friendship and the necessary effort to nurture and maintain such bonds.
With Khun Chatjai, Auntie Polly, Mum and my dad's sisters, Aunties Anne and Mary at Dean & Deluca in Bangkok, Thailand.