Monday, August 22, 2016

So Close In Rio

Two gold medal points, that was how close we were to getting our first ever Olympic gold medal. Not fancied to make the men's doubles badminton final, Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Kiong really played their hearts out throughout the tournament. 

The final was a pressure-filled affair which went to three games. Malaysians collectively held our breath when the boys took turns to serve during the two match points. It was not meant to be. Nevertheless, they did us proud by putting their best foot forward. The experience gained in Rio will certainly serve them well in time to come. 

A silver medal is an incredible achievement at the Olympic level. Well done V Shem and Wee Kiong! May the future hold much success. 

Tan Wee Kiong and Goh V Shem in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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