Monday, November 28, 2016

Jhen Ken And Ke Xin

On the weekend of 21 to 23 October 2016, we welcomed Ke Xin into the family. My cousin Jhen Ken exchanged vows with Ke Xin at Janda Baik and the entire Thoo extended family headed there for the celebrations. 

Having witnessed the wedding and tea ceremonies in the morning, the evening reception was where we let our hair down. Typically, the former required us to be at our best behaviour, respectful of the significance of this milestone in life for the newlyweds. The dinner in the evening on the other hand, provided an opportunity for us to be at ease and to celebrate the happy occasion with enthusiasm and free spirit. 

Be it dancing, participating in games or giving a toast, actually three toasts to be exact, we lived up to our reputation of being a happy, united and passionate family. I hear that there may have been some comments from some guests that we were a bit loud. Well, that is a Thoo family trademark that we hold dear to our hearts. After all, the purpose of a wedding celebration is indeed one where love, laughter and merriment bind us all together as one big, happy family.

The newlyweds, Jhen Ken and Ke Xin.

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